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Rumor: FUJIFILM's next camera might be called the X-H1

By John Law & Marcus Wong - on 5 Dec 2017, 11:05am

Rumor: FUJIFILM's next camera might be called the X-H1

It’s long been rumored that FUJIFILM was working on a camera with In-Body Image Stabilization (IBIS), and now Japanese rumor website Nokishita has spotted a note in FUJIFILM X Raw Studio ver 1.0 about compatibility with a previously unknown camera - the X-H1.

Fuji Rumors administrator Patrick seems convinced that this is the camera that he once thought of as the X-T2S, and has even brought a proposed size comparison on how the X-H1 will compare with Fuji’s current generation X-T2.

He also proposes that the X-H1 will be larger than the X-T2, but use the same NP-W126S battery.

Here’s the list of his other speculations on the new camera:

  • IBIS will work with all Fujinon X-mount lenses.
  • IBIS and OIS will not work together, at least not at launch, but FUJIFILM might tweak the firmware to make that possible in the future.
    • FUJIFILM's IBIS solution will not allow sensor-shift multi-shot.
  • There will be design changes over the X-T2, such as a better hand grip.
  • The X-H1 will use the 24MP megapixel X-Trans III sensor.
  • The release is (currently) scheduled for the first half of 2018.
  • Shipping in February.
  • Will cost around US$2,000 (~RM8,101).
  • There will be a new film simulation Eterna.
  • IBIS Full sensor readout.
  • Internal F-Log.
  • No Exp.Comp dial but top LCD screen like GFX.
  • X-Processor Pro of FUJIFILM X-T2 & Co.

It seems the general speculation is that the camera will be built to better cater for video work, which would be an interesting departure for FUJIFILM. We’ll wait to see what other details surface and keep you updated.

Sources: Nokishita-camera, Fuji Rumors.