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Rumor: This could be the dual-camera system in the iPhone 7

By Bryan Chan & Liu Hongzuo - on 15 Mar 2016, 10:25am

Rumor: This could be the dual-camera system in the iPhone 7

The leaked dual camera module alleged to be an iPhone 7 part. Image credit:

Rumors about the upcoming iPhone 7 are getting wilder with each passing day, and the latest leaks suggests that the next Apple smartphone will be equipped with a dual-camera module.

Apple news and rumor site Macrumors picked up a bunch of images across various leaks, depicting a dual-camera module. The part contains hints showing signs of it coming to a future iPhone 7 model.

The Taiwanese leaks depicted a few pictures of the dual rear camera module, complete with their flair for the dramatic. Image credit: Apple.Club.TW via Macrumors

The images were originally from Taiwanese rumor site Apple.Club.TW, where pictures of a dual-camera module with one lens within the larger compartment and a wider lens in the narrower enclosure. This module matches the one shared by Chinese site, which surfaced in January this year. The Chinese site’s image showed the module bearing a serial number that starts with “821”, which Apple used for camera modules in its past models, as proven by French site Other images of the module being linked to the iPhone 7 can also be found on Weibo.

The leaked dual camera module shares some identifiable similarities with older camera modules found on older iPhone models. Image credit:

To help verify the dual-camera leak, we compared the module’s shape to previous leaks. It has been reported before that phone cases for the iPhone 7 will feature bigger rear camera cut-outs, hinting that they will be ready to see iPhone 7 models with dual rear cameras. Other sources also said that Apple was testing five different configurations for the iPhone 7, with each phone bearing different features.

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Source: Macrumors