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Ricoh Showcases New Printers and Short Throw Projectors

By Azizul Rahman Ismail - on 11 Jul 2014, 6:43pm

Ricoh Showcases New Printers and Short Throw Projectors

Winnie Lim, Marketing Manager, Ricoh Malaysia explains the features of the SP112 series printer.

Earlier today, Ricoh Malaysia unveiled a series of affordable jam-free laser printers; a four-in-one GelJet printer that is not only battery-powered but produces waterproof prints; a second-generation short throw projector with air write technology; and a price package for the Interactive Whiteboard and Unified Communications Systems.

The SP112 series printer prints on crumpled, and even torn paper, without jamming up the printer.

In an informal briefing, Winnie Lim, Marketing Manager of Ricoh Malaysia, demonstrated how the latest laser printers in the SP112 series could print on crumpled and even torn pieces of paper. Currently only available as single purpose, three-in-one, and four-in-one variations, the SP112 series is available from as low as RM299. The three-in-one version is expected to retail for RM469, while the four-in-one version will retail for RM669.

Write in mid-air and it will appear on the display with Ricoh's new short throw projectors.

Also at the event is the second-generation Ultra Short Throw projector. Made portable, these projectors could project a display from as close at 11.7cm from the screen. What makes the new generation of the projector better is the air write technology. It allows users to move a cursor on the display accurately from a distance using a pen. In turn, the pen not only lets the user interact with a PC that's connected to the projector, but also draw on the display from far away.

Winnie shares the new technologies adopted into the SG 3120B SFNw GelJet printer.

The most interesting product on display was the GelJet SG 3120b SFNw. As a preview unit, the GelJet is a multi-function printer built for those on the go. Although relatively large, the printer will come with two battery packs, each rated for hours of operations or 1,000 pages. The thing that stands out about this printer is its ink system, which is not only waterproof, but also super-efficient, granting the printer a rated 2,000 print per cartridge.

The GelJet is expected to be priced at between RM1,500 to RM2,000, with each of its four ink cartridges expected to be priced at RM100 each.

Perfect for both enterprise and educational applications, the Ricoh D5500 Interactive Whiteboard and P3000 Unified Communications Systems are powerful collaboration tools.

We previously reported on the Ricoh D5500 Interactive Whiteboard and P3000 Unified Communications Systems. However, at the event, Ricoh announced that both units are now packaged together for only RM25,000. However, as a special promotion, from July 1 until September 30, the package will be sold at RM19,000.

The SP C250 series laser printer prints at a constant 20ppm in both monochrome and color.

Meanwhile, Ricoh also showcased the SP C250 series color laser printer. This printer features a constant 20ppm for both color and monochrome prints. The single function version of this printer will retail at RM899, while the multi-function version will be sold for RM1,799.