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Ready, set, fight: Street Fighter V midnight launch

By John Law - on 16 Feb 2016, 4:48am

Ready, Set, Fight: Street Fighter V Midnight Launch

Capcom's Street Fighter V is now officially available in Malaysia, and that means gamers and fans will be able to head down to their nearest game stores to purchase the game for the PS4, or via Steam for PC users.

Some gamers, however, couldn't wait to get their hands on the game the minute the clock struck midnight, and that is why Gamer's Hideout and video game distributor, PLAY Interactive Sdn Bhd, along with the Multimedia Development Corporation (MdeC), decided to organize a special midnight launch party for the game.

The line for the queue was long.

Like, real long.

Seriously, it was really long. This wasn't even the rest of the line that was standing outside.

The line was long, but the very second the countdown reached zero, customers who had made their pre-orders with Gamer's Hideout were elated and were (clearly) happy to get their copy of the game at zero hour.

The happy customer who was first to pick up his pre-order.

The party saw more than 100 guests show up to the event, where many got a chance to learn take on each other in game via specially erected booth, all of which were set up on the side of the venue. Not only that, but visitors were also able to meet local video game studio and developer, Streamline Studios, who apparently had a hand in designing the artwork and artstyle of certain stages in the game.

Streamline Studios is a local game developer who was responsible for helping Capcom with the design and artwork of specific stages in Street Fighter V.

Incidentally, the studio was also on the lookout for new designers to join their ranks. So, if you think you've got what it takes to join the ranks of a triple A game developer, then check out their site for more information.

PLAY Interactive Sdn Bhd and Gamer's Hideout had set up a large section of the venue with several TVs and PlayStation 4 consoles loaded up with the game for the visitors to try and challenge themselves.

Even Ryu needs some time off now and then.

The winners of the in-house tournament.

There was also an on-site Street Fighter V tournament, where contestants stood the chance to win some money for just a few matches, with the champion of the tournament winning RM1,000.

Start them young. That's how you get them to enjoy something.

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