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Razer has launched a mechanical keyboard case for the iPad Pro

By Peter Chu - on 15 Jul 2016, 10:38am

Razer has launched a mechanical keyboard case for the iPad Pro

Typing on a virtual keyboard is definitely no fun, especially if you’re already accustomed to doing all your typing on a mechanical keyboard. But don’t worry, Razer wants to help solve this first world problem of yours with its new Mechanical Keyboard Case for the iPad Pro, which, according to Razer, is equipped with the world’s first low-profile mechanical switches.

These special mechanical switches should feel very similar to the conventional switches fitted in regular mechanical keyboards, considering it has both actuation and reset points, and its keys require 70g of force to actuate.

If you’re expecting the keys of the Mechanical Keyboard Case to be able to light up in a million and one different colors like its Chroma-enabled brethren, we’re sorry to tell you that it can only do so in one a single color: White. But look on the bright side, it does have 20 brightness levels for you to choose from.

The Mechanical Keyboard Case also comes with an integrated, multi-angle metal kickstand to support your iPad Pro while you’re frantically mashing away on the keyboard, and also to allow you to adjust its viewing angles so you won’t have to end up craning your neck or slouching.

Connecting the Mechanical Keyboard Case to the iPad Pro is done via Bluetooth instead of Apple’s proprietary Smart Connector, and it has a battery life of up to 10 hours if you leave its backlight on at maximum brightness. Switch it off, and the duration increases exponentially to 600 hours.

You can purchase the Razer Mechanical Keyboard Case right now from the Razer Online Store for… wait for it… RM739.

Source: The Verge