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The Razer Atheris is an all-in-one gaming and productivity wireless mouse

By John Law & The Count - on 18 Aug 2017, 11:00am

The Razer Atheris is an all-in-one gaming and productivity mouse

If there's one thing that Razer gets right (more so than many of its competitors), it's understanding that gamers are no longer relegated to just being the stereotypical dorky or nerdy type. Not these days anyway. Gamers these days are cool, want to look cool, and will be the future solution to global warming and hunger (okay, we jest).

While geeky T-shirts are still the most common badge of honors worn by gamers to display their love of games and other pop culture references, many are also professional workers, or for the lack of a cooler term, businessmen in suits and ties. They won't want to bring out that gaming mouse with all of its funky RGB displays in a serious business meeting situation: No, they want to be taken seriously at work, and yet still be able to dish out the hurt at a quick session of Overwatch during a coffee break. What mouse allows them to do achieve both?

Enter the Razer Atheris. Razer claims the Atheris to be the 'ultimate wireless notebook mouse with the world’s longest-lasting battery life' and lag-free wireless 'gaming-grade performance.' Designed for both mobile work and gaming, the wireless mini mouse offers up to 350 hours (Razer's claim, not ours) of continuous use on a single pair of AA batteries. The mouse's wireless capability works through a compact USB dongle, that you can store away in the mouse, or via Bluetooth LE if your computer supports it.

The Razer Atheris comes with a 7200 DPI optical sensor, and also sports an ambidextrous design so that you can share the mouse with that left-handed colleague of yours. The Razer Atheris is only available at for now, but will be available worldwide in Q4.