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PUC launches Presto e-commerce platform

By Nickey Ross - on 13 Dec 2017, 5:45pm

PUC launches Presto e-commerce platform

Image source: iOS App Store.

Today, PUC commenced the launch of Presto, which is a homegrown e-wallet and social marketing platform that provides a unique shopping experience for Malaysians. Shoppers would be able to earn cashback on their purchases, while sellers would get to elevate their brand presence and sales across the platform.

Cheong Chia Chou, Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of PUC Berhad.

Shoppers will be able to maximize cashback on a group level, as well as individual level when they share products with family and friends, and invite them to purchase products on the platform. The higher the number of people who purchase the products, the higher the amount of the final cashback for all shoppers.

Extra cashback will be awarded to individuals who share deals on their social media accounts like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more. The more clicks on a shared post, the higher the cashback. For sellers who want to use Presto, they may do so with zero sign up and subscription fees. Presto serves as a disruptive medium for sellers to maximize sales without having to invest in marketing campaigns or price-slashing.

On top of that, sellers only need to commit to a promotional price, upon successfully reaching their sales target. Presto also allows for social media tracking, where insights will aid sellers in making way for an Online to Offline to Online (O2O2O) model, which improves engagement and builds shoppers' loyalty.

Additionally, Presto's e-wallet service will be launched in early 2018, where cashback earned by shoppers can be turned into real cash. As of now, Presto will implement its service in Klang Valley and will expand to other areas throughout Malaysia eventually. The Presto mobile app is available on the iOS App Store and Google Play. 

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