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PSA: Google Assistant now knows Simplified Chinese

By Ng Chong Seng - on 15 May 2019, 7:29am

PSA: Google Assistant now knows Simplified Chinese

Google has announced that the Google Assistant will start rolling out in Simplified Chinese 中文(简体) to Android phones running Android 5.0 Lollipop and above. The feature is also coming to iPhones in the coming weeks. Before this addition, Google Assistant already supports Traditional Chinese.


With this launch, the Google Assistant speaks Simplified Chinese for the first time. Powered by machine learning, it is your personal assistant that can help you get things done just by having a natural conversation––from checking the weather for your weekend trip to Malacca, to getting directions to Gardens by the Bay, to setting a reminder to bring an umbrella out with you tomorrow, all in Chinese. It brings together everything you love about Google, including Photos, YouTube, Search, Maps and more.

Here are a few questions that Google says Assistant is now capable of answering in Simplified Chinese:

  • 打开我在巴厘岛的照片 (Show my photos in Bali)
  • 用”Spotify”播放周杰伦的安静 (Play An Jing by Jay Chou on Spotify)
  • 讲个笑话 (Tell me a joke)
  • 怎么从土生文化馆去国家美术馆? (How can I get from the Peranakan Museum to the National Gallery Singapore?)
  • 最近的小贩中心在哪里? (Where’s the nearest hawker center?)
  • 如何做香蕉面包? (How do I bake a banana cake?)
  • 新加坡人口有多少?(How many people are there in Singapore?)

To activate Google Assistant in Simplified Chinese on Android, just make sure you’re on a supported version of Android and set your device’s language to Simplified Chinese.