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PSA: Avoid the 'X' button on Windows 7/8.1 ad if you don't want Windows 10

By Michael Low & Alvin Soon - on 2 Jun 2016, 10:16am

PSA: Avoid the 'X' button on Windows 7/8.1 ad if you don't want Windows 10

Image credit: ZDNet.

Microsoft really wants people to upgrade to Windows 10.

Windows 7 and 8 users have been getting adverts for months to upgrade their system to 10, but last week Microsoft took things to another level.

The company quietly changed the behavior of the ‘Close’ window box, that ‘X’ on the top right, to actually mean that you agree to the update, instead of meaning that you don’t want this window and anything to do with it — like every other time you click the ‘X’ button.

Now, there’s actually a good reason to upgrade. Windows 10 is the newest, and most secure Windows yet, and better in many ways to previous Windows. It’s also free, until July 29, to upgrade your machine.

But it’s utterly wrong to fool people into upgrading when they don’t want to, by swapping the default meaning of a ‘Close’ dialog box around to mean ‘I agree.’

If you’re happy with your Windows 7/8.1 machine or can’t upgrade for some reason, you can try running third-party software Never 10. Never 10 disables the automatic upgrade to Windows 10 (you can re-enable this again), and if your machine has already secretly downloaded Windows 10 install files (which can take up to 6.5GB of space), it helps you to remove them.

Source: Paul Thurrott.