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Pro-Gamers Get High-End Gear from LG

By Jeremy Cheong - on 3 May 2012, 9:40am

Pro-Gamers Get High-End Gear from LG


Seoul, South Korea – As part of LG Electronic's on-going initiative to support the gaming community, LG has started to offer pro-gamers IPS monitors to use in training as these monitors provide a more comfortable viewing experience, reducing eye fatigue. To kick off this initiative, LG recently announced that it has signed a sponsorship deal with the top-ranked Incredible Miracle (IM) Team of the Global Starcraft II League (GSL). This initiative will also offer a range of interactive events to give gaming fans an opportunity to meet and play special matches with IM Team members at gaming conventions.

The IM Team is made up of some the world's best GSL Gamers, including IMMvp (Jong-hyun Jung) and IMNes Tea (Jae-duk Im). IMMvp currently has one of the best records of any GSL gamer and has picked up big wins at events such as BlizzCon Invitational, Sony Ericsson GSL, MLG Anaheim and the Pepsi GSL.

“When training, pro-gamers are looking at their monitor for many hours every day,” said Jong-hyun Jung, IM Team’s all-star member. “IPS monitors have color rendering that is extremely good, and the image processing capabilities are perfect for RPGs. LG’s IPS has also eliminated the blur generated from rapid motion in video games. This puts less strain on my eyes, even when I put in a lot of hours.”

LG already has a strong reputation for demonstrating impressive advances in displays and monitors, having earned praise for its 3D technology and the benefits of IPS monitors were recognized at a number of game conventions and festivals, such as the LG CINEMA 3D Global Game Festival, held in over 20 countries last year.

“We’re very excited about having the opportunity to work with IM Team. It’s a great chance for us to interact with members of the gaming community,” said J.J. Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of IT Business Unit of LG Home Entertainment Company. “IPS monitors are simply perfect for gaming as they don’t have the color and viewing angle limitations that some with Twisted Nematic (TN) monitors.”

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