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PIKOM Fair 2014 (III): Parts, notebooks, phones and deals galore

By John Law - on 19 Dec 2014, 6:47pm

PIKOM Fair 2014 (III): Parts, notebooks, phones and deals galore

The PIKOM Fair 2014 (III) is in full swing this weekend!

2014 is coming to an end. For many distributors, retailers and resellers, this is also the time where they make the effort to push out their existing stocks of products to the consumers. As always, one of the best places for them to do that is at the final PIKOM Fair for the year. So, without any further delay, here are a list of some of the companies that are present at the fair, and some of the deals that are ongoing throughout this weekend.


Wheelers and dealers on the floor

As usual, Malaysia has a booth presence at the PIKOM Fair. Come say hi at Booth #406!

As always, we have a presence down here at the PIKOM Fair, where we are running the Ultimate Texting Challenge, in collaboration with HP Malaysia. Additionally, we are also selling our latest issue along with a RM100 goodie bag for only RM12, the going price of our magazine.

Just as they did during the previous PIKOM Fairs that were held earlier in the year, many of the major names in PCs, notebooks and smart devices were out on the floor. Needless to say, MSI was one of them, as their presence was one of the most obvious on the floor (also, they had two booths at the show). However, from the looks of it, it seems that the company is focused on promoting its G Series gaming notebooks, and not so much on PC components.

The MSI booth.

Interestingly enough, Microsoft was out in full force for this PIKOM Fair. The company has two booths on the showfloor, with one booth focusing on the newly acquire Lumia phone lineup, and the other focused on Windows 8.1 devices, such as the Surface Pro 3 and Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro.

Microsoft surprised us by coming out in full force with two booths: one dedicated to the Lumia phones and the other to Windows 8.1 devices (below).

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is being bundled with a Surface Type Touch keyboard.

On that note: Microsoft will be bundling their Surface Pro 3 with a Type Cover keyboard, so if you’re looking towards getting yourself one of the best Windows 8.1 tablet and notebook hybrid, this weekend might just be your lucky day.

Lenovo was once again present at the event.

One other company that was at the PIKOM Fair today was Lenovo. The company has had a lot to promote, considering that they recently just announced the ultra-slim and ultra-flexible YOGA 3 Pro, the new YOGA 2 Pro Tablet, as well as its new mid-range and affordable VIBE X2 smartphone. If you’re interested, you can drop by their booth to check out these products.

The Razer booth.

As usual, Razer was also in attendance at the PIKOM Fair, but this time, the company was mainly promoting the newly released Razer Blade (2014) and Razer Blade Pro (2014).

Ideal Tech PC was one of the booths that intrigued us with their offerings.

Some of the InWin skeletal chassis that we saw at the booth.

One of the more interesting outlets that we came across at the PIKOM Fair was an outlet run by the company called Ideal Tech PC. Much like the renowned gaming rig builders,, Ideal Tech PC is a company that specializes in making special custom-built and custom-cooled gaming rigs.

From what we found out as well, they are also the only company in Malaysia that is currently bringing in the InWin skeletal chassis, which is rarely found here in shops around Malaysia. If you’re a PC building enthusiasts, and you’re looking for possible components to build a PC with, we do recommend that you stop on over at this booth.

Our favorite custom PC builders,, was back for the PIKOM Fair (III). They even brought out the Vector desktop PC (below).

Speaking of, the group returns to this PIKOM Fair and have set up shop right next to the Game Masters 2014 area. So, if you want to see some very high-level custom made PC gaming systems, you can always stop by their booth as well.

Dell's booth, and the Alienware booth (below).

Epson was also there...

...and so was Canon.

The list of other brands that were present at the fair goes on, including Dell, ASUS, Intel, Acer, Canon, Epson and more.

Some booths were selling power banks and USB flash drives at a steal. Even Otterbox (below) was promoting its smartphone cases at discounts starting at 10 percent.

For those of you looking towards getting some peripherals, we found some companies selling Yoobao power banks at prices starting at RM49 for 5,000mAh, and 8GB USB storage drives for only RM24. Even Otterbox was promoting smartphone cases at discounts starting at 10 percent.


Seeing green with NVIDIA

One booth you do not want to miss out is the NVIDIA booth, which has been set up next to the Game Masters 2014 area as well. The booth will be showcasing several gaming notebooks that are equipped with previous and current generation GeForce GTX 800M and GTX 900M GPUs. These include the legendary AORUS X7, the recently released HP Omen, and even the Lenovo Y50. Additionally, the company will be giving away a single free Nexus 9 tablet by HTC daily, with a purchase of any of these NVIDIA-powered notebooks.

The AORUS X7 is one of the six gaming notebooks that are on display at the NVIDIA booth.

The hauntingly and wickedly slim HP Omen is also on display.

So is the Lenovo Y50.

The MSI GT72 2QE Dominator Pro.

The Gigabyte P35X v3.

The Acer Aspire V15 Nitro - Black Edition.


Booth babes on the floor

Of course, the PIKOM Fair (III) just wouldn’t be complete with the presence of lovely booth personalities. These helpful ladies are scattered throughout the entire hall, with many of them actively promoting the products from the respective brands.

Let's finish with a big bang, ladies!

That’s our report for the PIKOM Fair (III) today. Once again, the event will be continuing until this Sunday (December 21), so head on down to visit our booth and to see all the deals that are on offer.

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