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Photokina 2016: There are new lenses from Phase One

By John Law - on 22 Sep 2016, 10:14am

Photokina 2016: There are new lenses from Phase One

Phase One's new camera lenses: the wide angle 45mm (left) and the telephoto 150mm (right).<br> Image source: CNet.

Camera manufacturer Phase One recently gave photographers two new professional camera lenses during the annual Photokina photography exhibition: a wide angle 45mm and a telephoto 150mm ‘blue-ring’ lens, made in partnership with Schneider Kreuznach.

According to CNET, these two new models feature large image sensors that can capture rich color and plenty of detail with resolutions reaching up to 100MP. Both the wide angle and telephoto lenses were able to shoot with the Phase One’s own XF-103 camera system, with the LS f/3.5 wide angle lens being more suited for landscape and architecture shots, while the LS f/2.8 IF telephoto lens would be better for portrait shots.

The current pricing for the lens are US$5,990 (approx. RM24,777) for the 45mm wide-angle lens, and US$6,990 (approx. 28,913) for the 150mm telephoto lens. You can learn more about the lenses from the company’s site.

Source: CNET.