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Philips sheds some light on LED lighting with its Eco-Sphere showcase

By Bryan Chan - on 28 Apr 2016, 3:27pm

Philips sheds some light on LED lighting with its Eco-Sphere showcase

From L-R: Fuji Sartono, Country Manager, Head of Marketing, Philips Lighting; and Alok Ghose, Commercial Leader, Managing Director, Philips Lighting, Malaysia.

Earlier today, Philips Lighting launched its Eco-Sphere showcase, which features the latest in lighting technology from the company. Currently located in Sunway Pyramid Mall (Blue Concourse), the Eco-Sphere is best described as a demonstration area that features various lighting products created for various environments, from an office to the streets.

In the Eco-Sphere, you'll get to see the latest Philips lighting products in action.

The range of Philips LED lights is truly expansive/  Here's a  light you'd want to have in your bedroom!

The Eco-Sphere isn't just a demonstration platform. One of its primary purpose is to create awareness that there are many different LED lighting products available from Philips, and to educate the public that lights can do more than just illuminate your surroundings – they can set the ambiance, and even help with the preservation of power, thanks to low power usage (up to 80 percent power savings). Thus the name Eco-Sphere.

Among the highlights in the Eco-Sphere is the Philips SceneSwitch LED bulb range, which is a range of LED lights that have three different light settings. These lights are able to output three different light settings using just one switch. These lights offer bright light, natural light, and a cozy warm glow, and can be changed by switching the lights on and off, until you get your desired lighting.

In addition, the Eco-Sphere doubles as a roadshow for Philips to run its Merdeka Raya promotion and competition, where those who buy a minimum of RM100 worth of Philips LED products can be in the running to win a new Honda CITY and a Vespa, among other things. This competition will only run starting June 1 till August 31, 2016 though.

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