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Opera's free VPN now available on Android

By Bryan Chan - on 24 Aug 2016, 12:22pm

Opera's free VPN now available on Android

Looking for a VPN (virtual private network) for Android to get more online content, but are unwilling to pay for it? Well, after releasing on iOS earlier this year, Opera is bringing its free VPN to Android.

Now available on the Google Play store, 'Opera Free VPN - Unlimited VPN' lets you block ad trackers and change your virtual location. There are five server locations to choose from: USA, Canada, Germany, Singapore, and the Netherlands. There’s no data limit, no subscription, or any log-in needed.

In addition, the app has a Wi-Fi test tool that will scan the Wi-Fi network you’re connected to. It can tell you if a network is public or private, whether it’s encrypted, the number of devices on the connection, if the IP address and the location are exposed, and if there’s any sniffing risk. If the test tool detects any weaknesses, it will advise you to enable the VPN.

Free, unlimited, and from a reputable company - what's there not to like?

Source: Opera.