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NVIDIA GPUs Usher World's First ARM64 Servers for HPC

By John Law - on 25 Jun 2014, 11:02am

NVIDIA GPUs Usher World's First ARM64 Servers for HPC

NVIDIA has opened the door to the world's first 64-bit ARM servers, which leverage on its GPU accelerators in order to drive development systems for high performance computing (HPC).

Helping to drive the new ARM processor for the graphics technology company are server vendors who are leveraging on the company history of using GPU accelerator technology. 64-bit ARM server processors, or ARM64 for short, were primarily designed for micro-servers and web servers because of their extreme energy efficiency. NVIDIA has taken the design of these ARM64 processors and paired them with its GPU accelerators using the CUDA 6.5 parallel programming platform.

“NVIDIA has built the industry's most comprehensive accelerated computing platform – including servers, software, development tools, processors and related technologies – all optimized for the HPC industry,” said Ian Buck, Vice President of Accelerated Computing at NVIDIA. “GPUs are the enabling technology that allows server vendors to build HPC-class systems around flexible ARM64 processors. The result is a new, highly innovative computing solution for HPC.”

The new NVIDIA ARM64 servers feature NVIDIA-centric components, such as Applied Micro X-GeneARM64 CPUs and NVIDIA Tesla K20 GPU accelerator. These servers will provide customers with an expanded range of efficient, high-performance computing options to drive compute-intensive HPC and enterprise data center workloads. Additionally, users of these new server will be able to take advantage of hundreds of existing CUDA-accelerated scientific and engineering HPC applications by simply recompiling them to ARM64 systems.

“The availability of accelerated 64-bit ARM servers is one of the most significant developments to hit the HPC market this year,” commented Earl Joseph, IDC program Vice President for HPC. “IDC believes there is substantial interest within the HPC community in evaluating GPU-accelerated 64-bit ARM systems for next-generation computing projects.”

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