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Nikon D810A: The first full-frame astro-photography focused camera

By Ammar Aminuddin - on 11 Feb 2015, 12:14pm

Nikon D810A: The first full-frame astro-photography focused camera

Image Source: Gizmodo.

While other camera manufacturers have been racing to make the best video DSLR camera for the consumers, Nikon took one step ahead is a slightly different direction and announced the world's first full-frame camera that is built for astro-photography: the D810A. 

The D810A sports the largest sensor ever made for astro-photography, and according to The Verge, Nikon has also tweaked the D810’s infrared cut filter that increases the transmission of Hydrogen Alpha Light , which means photos of the nebulae and constellations will have clearer, sharper and more pronounced red saturation. Photographers who are not stargazers should stay away from the D810A, though, as regular photos will look more red than usual.

Image Source: Nikon.

Another notable feature which the D810 possesses is the long exposure manual mode, where the mode enables users to leave their shutter curtain open for up to 900 seconds – a big help for stargazers wanting to take crisp star trails. This camera will be available in late May for a recommended retail price of US$3,799.95 (approx. RM13,670).

Source: The Verge.