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A new wearable called Reveal helps monitor the mood of autistic children

By Chong Jinn Wei - on 18 Jun 2016, 8:20am

A new wearable called Reveal helps monitor the mood of autistic children

For many autistic children, the overwhelming flood of emotions and sensory input often cause meltdowns, and the frequency or triggers of these meltdowns are highly random. Awake Labs, a new startup, wants to help caretakers understand these kids better with Reveal, a wearable designed to mood monitor kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs).

Reveal is a wearable mood monitor that tracks the stress and anxiety level of a child with ASDs. The companion app helps caretakers monitor the child’s heartbeat, body temperature and sweat levels. <br> Image source: Awake Labs

Reveal was designed to detect the wearer’s stress and anxiety levels, similar to a fitness tracker. The mood monitor will gather data such as body temperature, heart-rate, and sweat levels, which can give insight on the status of kids with ASDs and avoid potential meltdowns.

“We want to reduce problem behavior and increase the amount of what we call, teachable moments…It would have a huge impact at home, in the classroom or in daily routines,” said Andrea Palmer, co-founder, Awake Labs.

The workings of Reveal are based from research on how wearable sensors can be used to monitor, autonomic and electrodermal activity, which can benefit children with ASDs. Palmer and her colleagues from Awake Labs have earned acknowledgement from the Singularity University’s Canadian Global Impact Competition for their contribution in aiding kids and families facing the challenges of ASDs.

Originally, the group was designing a device that can aid a person with highly stressful jobs but found that their product can potentially help kids with autism. Despite the design purpose of Reveal, it still garnered interest among adults who see the benefits it can have for people to manage anxiety and stress.

Source: Forbes