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New fingerprint sensor from LG is embedded in the display

By Bryan Chan & Cookie Monster - on 3 May 2016, 9:19am

New fingerprint sensor from LG is embedded in the display

 Image source: LG Innotek

Button-type fingerprint sensors may be phased out sooner than expected as another company has succeeded in embedding the sensor within the display.

LG Innotek announced yesterday that it has developed a new fingerprint sensor that can be placed within a 0.01-inches (0.3mm) space on the underside of the cover glass display. A proprietary adhesive is used to attach the sensor to the glass.

The Korean company claims that the new fingerprint sensor module allows phone makers to come up with sleeker designs without having to worry about the sensor getting wet or scratched as there is a high-strength cover glass protecting the sensor.

In addition, the fingerprint recognition accuracy is top-notch with a false acceptance rate of 0.002%. A company spokeswoman reportedly told the Korea Times that talks are ongoing with some handset makers to commericalize the fingerprint sensor modules within the year.

Qualcomm unveiled its Sense ID technology last year at MWC 2015 where 3D fingerprint scanning technology uses ultrasonic waves to read fingerprints through glass, metal and other surfaces. Apple is also rumored to be working on touch and display driver integration (TDDI) single-chip solutions to integrate fingerprint sensors with the virtual home button, resulting in "ultra-thin and ultra-narrow displays" for future iPhones.

Source: LG Innotek via The Korea Times