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NEC to Provide Headquarter and Convenience Store Systems to Halalink Worldwide

By Sharmine Ishak - on 27 Aug 2013, 10:59am

NEC to Provide Headquarter and Convenience Store Systems to Halalink Worldwide

In partnership with NEC Malaysia, NEC Corporation has announced that they will be providing headquarter systems and convenience store systems for Halalink Worldwide Sdn Bhd, the largest health, beauty, cosmetics and perfumery retailer in Malaysia. The provision of these DCMStar/ChainStore systems include TWINPOS G5, a compact POS terminal suitable for use in retail stores. By contributing to the business expansion of optimization of management operations for Halalink, NEC aims to leverage these achievements to further expand its global retail solutions business.

“We view this order from Halalink as confirmation of their high regard for NEC’s DCMStar/ChainStore solution, which integrates NEC’s know-how from many years of experience in providing systems for multi-store chain retailers,” said Chikara Ishii, Senior Vice President, NEC.

The integration of these systems enable great efficiency and uniform store management operations, as they help standardize the selection of products and inventory control operations that were formerly carried out separately for each store. Moreover, these systems also support e-money point cards used at Halalink stores.

Future system deployment, in line with Halalink's planned expansion into over 300 locations throughout Malaysia within the next three years, will be jointly handled by NEC's Regional Retail Business Support Center and NEC Malaysia.

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