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Moto X4 slightly delayed due to production issue
By Michael Low & Liu Hongzuo - on 11 Oct 2017, 12:15pm

Moto X4 slightly delayed due to production issue

Folks in the U.S. who pre-ordered the Moto X4 handset via Google’s Project Fi will be receiving the device later than expected due to a production issue, according to an Android Authority report.

Customers were notified that their Moto X4, which was due to arrive this weekend, will be delayed anywhere from October 18 to October 25, 2017. Placing a new order via Project Fi at this time will garner a October 27 delivery date. This delay does not impact trade-in users (since they have 30 days after the arrival of the Moto X4 to send in their old device).

The Moto X4 is an Android One device, like the Xiaomi Mi A1. A handset participating in the Android One program sees Android working on supplying stock software for the phone, while a brand like Lenovo or Xiaomi focuses on manufacturing the device.

The Moto X4 is currently available exclusively through Project Fi. You can read more about the midrange device here.

Source: Android Authority.