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MoBeeGo is an “energy drink” for your smartphone

By Bryan Chan - on 23 Jun 2016, 10:47am

MoBeeGo is an “energy drink” for your smartphone

(From L-R): Edric Foong, Business Development Director of MoBeeGo and Kelvin Hun, Managing Director of MoBeeGo.

While carrying a power bank is a great solution for charging your phone while on the go, there are times when you may forget to charge that power bank and you're left with a nearly flat battery on your phone. For times like these, a MoBeeGo charger is just what you'd need.

Just what is MoBeeGo? Think of it as a single-use emergency charger for your smart device. It comes in the shape of a mini canister, which once connected to your device, will provide up to four hours of battery life. Of course, this depends on your device's settings and how much of use it's being put through. MoBeeGo is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, thanks to differently bundled adapters.

MoBeeGo is available in different packs. The bundled adapter is different, so double check which pack you've bought!

MoBeeGo comes in several packages. There's the Single Shot pack, which comes with a reusable adapter and one energy canister; a Refill, which contains a single canister for those who already have the adapter; and for those who have a lot of devices, there's the MoBeeGo Pack of six cans. They are priced at RM29, RM10, and RM55 respectively, and can be bought at any outlet in Malaysia.

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