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Minecraft: Education Edition reaches its two million user milestone
By Peter Chu - on 16 Nov 2017, 11:30am

Minecraft: Education Edition reaches its two million user milestone

When Microsoft unveiled the education-friendly version of Minecraft last year, most of you were probably skeptical about whether it would end up being used in classrooms, considering that Minecraft: Education Edition is still very much a Minecraft game at heart.

But lo and behold, within a year of its launch, Minecraft: Education Edition managed to garner more than two million licensed users across 115 countries. Remember when we were dubious about whether there would be enough educator-created lessons to go around? Well, there are now more than 250 of them – each painstakingly handmade by the community.

Here in Malaysia, the Tun Mohammad Fuad Stephen - Mara Junior Science College in Sandakan, Sabah, is the first school in the country to adopt Minecraft: Education Edition. And as you would expect, it has been pretty well received by its students.

“Our students are engaged and excited to learn in the fun familiar Minecraft environment, and they have learnt a number of skills in the process – things like computational thinking, digital citizenship and of course, creativity. We saw the potential to take this work to a new scale we as educators can use Minecraft in our classrooms,” said Aliff Othman, an educator at the Tun Mohammad Fuad Stephen - Mara Junior Science College.

To celebrate the first anniversary of Minecraft: Education Edition, Microsoft has unveiled a new Minecraft Hour of Code tutorial called Hero’s Journey, which is also released in conjunction with the company’s support for the Hour of Code initiative.

A new character called 'Minecraft Agent' will be introduced in the tutorial, alongside ten new challenges that will teach newcomers core coding concepts such as loops, debugging, and functions. Students can have the code that they’ve created in the tutorial exported to Minecraft: Education Edition so that they can reap the fruits of their labor.

The Minecraft Hour of Code tutorial is available for free, and can be played across iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.

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