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Millennials more susceptible to cyber scams

By Chong Jinn Wei - on 23 Oct 2016, 8:22am

Millennials more susceptible to cyber scams

A survey conducted on behalf of Microsoft found that millennials are more prone to being duped by tech support scams over the last year.

Image source: Scam Detector.

Up to 1,000 people from 12 countries participated in the survey that studied the number of victims involved in tech support-related scams. Though scams like these are not new, they have been increasing in frequency.

Such incidents involve unscrupulous individuals posing as tech support from companies like Dell, HP, Apple and Microsoft. They usually say there is a problem with the victim’s machine and that it can be fixed remotely from their side.

Once the victims gives access, the scammer usually installs some malware that messes with your computer or even ransomware that hold your machine hostage until a sum of money is paid.

However, according to The Next Web, the survey may not be entirely accurate, though they agree that millennials are bad at identifying online threats. There is criticism that the survey’s pool of 1,000 participants does not properly represent people from each age group as the sample size is too small.