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Microsoft's Bill Gates uses an Android phone

By John Law & Cookie Monster - on 2 Okt 2017, 10:55am

Microsoft's Bill Gates uses an Android phone

If you need further evidence that Windows Phone has pretty much declined into a state of irrelevance, this would have to be it: Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is no longer using a Windows Phone device and switched to an Android device.

In an interview with Fox News Sunday, Gates revealed that he is currently using an Android phone with 'a lot of Microsoft software' on it. Having said that, the Android phone is likely to be the special Samsung Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition which has the AI assistant Cortana and more software apps than the regular Galaxy S8.

While his smartphone runs Android, Gates said that he is still using Windows-based PCs. The former Microsoft exec appears to show no interest in either the iPhone or Mac. 

Source: On MSFT via The Verge.