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Meet Cooler Master MasterCase Maker 5t and MasterBox 5t

By Bryan Chan & Wong Chung Wee - on 12 Jan 2017, 9:30am

Meet Cooler Master MasterCase Maker 5t and MasterBox 5t

The Cooler Master MasterCase Maker 5t. (Image source: Cooler Master)

Cooler Master has announced two new mid-tower chassis that are designed for gamers in mind. From the MasterCase series, there’s the MasterCase Maker 5t, and for those who are familiar with the design DNA of said series, the MasterCase Maker 5t supports the FreeForm Modular System. As for the MasterBox 5t, it’s designed to feature less frills than the former. In terms of outward appearance, both chassis feature the ubiquitous red-on-black color scheme.

The exploded view of the MasterCase Maker 5t. (Image source: Cooler Master)

As expected, the MasterCase Maker 5t bears a strong semblance to the MasterCase Maker 5, from its tinted glass side panels (yes, there’s two of them for the Maker 5t chassis) to the front face plate. The newer chassis has a 'dual-tone red and black finish', and has a red LED strip for lighting effect. According to Cooler Master, the fan and lighting controls have been “improved”; however, at a glance, it appears to be the same as the MasterCase Maker 5. The two most obvious enhancements are the rubber grip handles and the graphics card holder, which will be very useful for a multi-graphics card setup. The recommended retail price of the MasterCase Maker 5t is a whopping S$359 (~RM1,684)!

The Cooler Master MasterBox Maker 5t. (Image source: Cooler Master)

If that Maker 5t isn’t too your preference, there’s the MasterBox 5t. Set at a more affordable price tag of S$139 (~RM434), it doesn’t support accessories made for the FreeForm modular system as Cooler Master said that its design principle is more 'straightforward'.

A side view of the MasterBox Maker 5t. (Image source: Cooler Master)

From the product images, we noticed that aren’t any options to mount optical disc drives or any 5.25-inch accessories. Its 3.5-inch drive enclosure is limited to two drives, and there’s only one SSD mount option. So there are certain limitations when you are planning for a build around this chassis. But the 2-drive enclosure ensures a roomy interior, for better airflow and less obstruction for your graphics cards. 

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