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The Mavic Air is a hybrid of the Spark and Mavic Pro, pre-order starts today

By Cookie Monster - on 24 Jan 2018, 9:21pm

The Mavic Air is a hybrid of the Spark and Mavic Pro, pre-order starts today

Image source: DJI

DJI announced its latest consumer drone, the Mavic Air at a launch event earlier today. 

Positioned as the most portable DJI drone ever created, the Mavic Air inherits the folding arms and propellers of the Mavic Pro and the sleek chassis of the Spark. When folded, the Mavic Air actually has a smaller footprint than the Spark. The Mavic Air also weighs 41% lighter (430g) than the Mavic Pro (750g).

In terms of performance, the Mavic Air is like a beefed-up version of the Spark. It has a three-axis mechanical gimbal (the Spark only has a two-axis gimbal) and sports a 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor (12MP, 24mm, f/2.8) which is capable of 4K video recording at 30fps with a maximum bitrate of 100 Mbps. It also can shoot 1080p slow-mo videos at 120fps. 

The Mavic Air is also the first DJI drone to come with 8GB internal storage space, which allows you to save photos and videos directly on the drone. It has a microSD card slot for additional storage capacity. Its remote is the first to feature detachable control sticks that can be stored inside the remote controller for added portability. Other notable new features include:

  • Sphere panorama - automatically shoot and stitch together 25 photos to create a 32MP panoramic image 
  • New HDR algorithms - preserve more highlight and low light details for higher quality aerial photos 
  • Two new QuickShot video modes - Asteroid starts with a spherical image that zooms in as it descends towards the subject on the ground, and Boomerang circles a subject in an oval-shaped flight path with the video finishing at the start point 
  • Improved ActiveTrack intelligent flight mode - it is smart enough to not only avoid obstacles, it also can move past them, follow the subject and keeping it in the frame with more precision
  • FlightAutonomy 2.0 - seven onboard cameras and infrared sensors create a 3D map of the surroundings for more precise hovering and better flight performance 
  • Improved forward and backward dual camera vision systems - sense obstacles up to 20m away 
  • Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems - an extra layer of reassurance for pilots by automatically avoiding and bypassing obstacles 
  • USB-C port for fast data transfer

Image source: DJI

DJI states that the Mavic Air has a maximum flight time of up to 21 minutes (16 minutes for the Spark, 27 minutes for the Mavic Pro, and 30 minutes for the Mavic Pro Platinum). The drone can fly stably in windy conditions of up to 36kph and at high elevations of up to 5,000m above sea level. It has a maximum flight range of up to 4km (2km for the Spark and 7km for the Mavic Pro models).

The Mavic Air comes in three colors: onyx black, arctic black and flame red. The S$1,299 standard package comes with the drone, battery, remote controller, carrying case, two pairs of propeller guards and four pairs of propellers. The S$1,649 Fly More Combo comes with an additional two batteries (you get a total of three), a travel bag, additional two pairs of propellers, a battery to power bank adapter and a battery charging hub. 

Starting from today, you can pre-order the Mavic Air on, its four Flagship Stores and authorized dealers. Pre-orders will start shipping on 28 January. 

You can pre-order the Mavic Pro on Apple Online Store (Singapore).

Source: DJI