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Looks like Denuvo is losing the anti-piracy war, Tekken 7 cracked in four days

By Ian Chee - on 9 Jun 2017, 11:40am

Looks like Denuvo is losing the anti-piracy war, Tekken 7 cracked in four days

Denuvo has a reputation for being the DRM that’s difficult to crack, reportedly at the cost of performance cuts due to the constant anti-tampering checks it runs in the background. From the looks of things, it appears that its existence isn’t justified anymore as Tekken 7 was cracked in a record-breaking four days after launch.

Image source: Bandai Namco via Kotaku.

Previously touted to be impervious to workarounds, Denuvo has seen its defenses breached faster with every new release. Prior to Tekken 7, puzzle game RiME has had its protection breached in just five days, leading to its developer releasing a DRM-free version shortly after. Up to six other games have voluntarily dropped Denuvo, according to Kotaku – The Climb, DOOM, INSIDE, Homefront: The Revolution, 2Dark and Syberia 3. Only two of them (Homefront: The Revolution and The Climb) survived uncracked before Denuvo was dropped.

Sure, Denuvo said that the purpose of its existence is to protect the revenue games make during the ‘initial sales window’ and not throughout the game’s entire life, and DOOM had it pretty good as it had Denuvo on for six months before it was voluntarily removed. But four days hardly qualifies as an ‘initial sales window’ now, does it? Especially now with Tekken 7 receiving the sudden, massive and unexplainable hype when the series has always had painfully mediocre coverage and hype.

Source: Kotaku.