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LG’s latest soundbars support both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X for awesome cinema sound

By Marcus Wong - on 3 Jan 2019, 12:10pm

LG’s latest award-winning soundbars support both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X for awesome cinema sound

The SL9YG can be used in vertical orientation or horizontal.

LG kicked off 2019 with two CES Innovation Award recipients in their latest soundbars – the SL9YG and the SL10YB. Both were created in collaboration with Meridian Audio, leveraging their Digital Sound Processing prowess to incorporate Meridian’s Bass & Space technology to improve the soundstage with coherent imaging and strong bass.

Meridian Audio’s Image Elevation and Upmix technologies have also been incorporated into the new soundbars. The former technology is said to lift soundstage in a more lifelike way to boost the sense of immersion you get, while the latter technology up-mixes two-channel audio to multiple discrete channels while maintaining tonal balance for a true surround sound experience.

The LG SL10Y is a Google Assistant compatible soundbar.

Being premium soundbars, both the SL9YG and the SL10YB come with AI smart connectivity and voice recognition with Google Assistant support. Send simple commands to the soundbars like “Hey Google, increase the volume,” or, “Hey Google, what artist is playing?”, and watch the soundbar respond. You’ll even be able to control your other Google Assistant-enabled devices in your home simply by saying something like: “Hey Google, ask LG to turn on the air purifier”.  Easy!

The SL9YG is a really slim soundbar at only 57mm deep.

The LG SL9 is only 57mm deep, so you can install it flush to your wall, saving space in the meantime. Because it has an integrated gyroscope sensor, the SL9 will automatically adjust sound directionality for the best listening experience.

Both the SL9 and the SL10 can be paired with LG’s new Wireless Rear Speaker Kit for a more cinema-like experience, as that adds two 70W wireless speakers that can be easily wall mounted, or simply placed on a table behind you.

No pricing or availability information for either soundbar is available yet, but we’ll be sure to post updates from CES 2019 as they become available.