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Lenovo brings its Intelligence Revolution to Malaysia

By John Law - on 9 Aug 2017, 5:46pm

Lenovo brings its Intelligence Revolution to Malaysia

Earlier today, Lenovo hosted its Asian leg of its TRANSFORM event that was held in New York, U.S. During the event, the company’s top brass talked about the company’s direction towards end-to-end data centers, as well as its role in today’s world of big data analytics.

From L-R: Han Chon, General Manager, Data Center Group, ASEAN Region, Lenovo, and JohN Boey, Country General Manager Singapore and Malaysia, Data Center Group, Lenovo.

To that end, the company announced that it would be rolling out its new ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile data center solutions for the Malaysian market.

The ThinkSystem data center solution was devised by the think-tanks at Lenovo, in an effort to reduce complexity and streamlining operations. These servers use a database to model a brokerage firm with customers who earn their income via online transaction processing (OLTP) transactions related to trade, account inquiries, and market research.

Lenovo announced two new data center solutions for the Malaysian market: ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile.

Lenovo has also brought the design of its ThinkSystem data center solutions slightly more up-to-date, with faster time-to-service data transmissions, high density optimization, lower TCO, and better networking capabilities, to name a few.

What is intriguing about the ThinkSystem data center, however, is Lenovo’s choice of water-cooling for the HPC servers (with more than 25 patents pending, no less). The concept of water-cooling is no stranger to the world of big data analytics, especially since they’ve been around for years. What should be pointed out is that many data center solution providers have long since moved on to cooling their servers by submerging their servers in mineral oil.

Regardless of its decision, the company ThinkSystem has still been able to break as many as 42 new world records on various HPC-based performance benchmarks. This includes SPECint_base2006, SPECvirt_sc2013, and TPC-E, to name a few.

ThinkSystem aside, Lenovo also announced the availability of its ThinkAgile data center solutions for the Malaysian enterprise market. Much like ThinkSystem, ThinkAgile is designed to be constantly up-to-date, and eliminates the usual amount of time one would have to spend on configuring and setting up a system. More importantly, ThinkAgile is designed to work with Cloud-like simplicity, and to that end, Lenovo has worked with both Microsoft to bring aboard its Microsoft Azure cloud services, as well as enterprise cloud service provider, Nutanix.

All ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile servers blades (pictured) and racks (picture below) are powered by Intel's latest Xeon CPUs.

At current, all server blades and server racks on Lenovo Think System and ThinkAgile machines seem to be CPU agnostic, and are powered by Intel Xeon CPUs. We asked if Lenovo has any plans on manufacturing datacenter solutions that are powered by GPUs, especially since many big data analytical companies are beginning to enter into the realm of A.I. and Deep Learning. Unfortunately, besides the fact that there were some plans currently in discussion with GPU manufacturer NVIDIA, Lenovo could not share any further information besides that.

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