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Legal battle between Apple and the FBI shifts to New York

By Ian Chee - on 11 Apr 2016, 3:21pm

Legal battle between Apple and the FBI shifts to New York

The FBI may no longer need Apple to crack the iPhone 5c of San Bernardino shooter Syed Rizwan Farook, but it looks like the legal tussle between the company and the U.S. government has simply gotten a change of venue. The new battleground? New York.

The legal battle between Apple and the FBI has moved to New York, with possibly more to crop up in the future. <br>Image source: Tech Crunch.

This time, the government isn’t asking Apple to unlock an iPhone 5s that belonged to a meth pusher who pleaded guilty to drug-related charges. Here, Apple is asked to extract information from said iPhone, which can supposedly help law enforcement in sentencing the criminal or identifying accomplices.

A spokesman for the Justice Department has said that Apple has provided help in accessing data they are after “with little effort in at least 70 other cases when presented with a court order for comparable phones running iOS 7 or earlier operating systems.”

Apple is continuing to resist the court order, and is asking the FBI to show that it has tried everything to extract the information they are after, before deciding to cooperate. This might be due to the FBI obtaining the tool to crack the San Bernardino iPhone 5c less than a day before a scheduled courtroom confrontation. James Comey, FBI Director, has said that the tool used to unlock the iPhone 5c can only be used in a very narrow range of phones, with the iPhone 5s presumably not in the narrow list.

Source: Re/code.