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At least 5 different iPhone 7 configurations currently being tested

By Bryan Chan & Cookie Monster - on 19 Dec 2015, 4:31pm

At least 5 different iPhone 7 configurations currently being tested

 The Apple iPhone 6s Plus (left) and iPhone 6s (right).

The next generation iPhones (likely to be named the iPhone 7) is likely to come with a new design and more features compared to the current "s" series. So what exactly is Apple looking at? 

According to G for Games, sources in China claim that Apple is currently testing five different iPhone 7 configurations, with each model having a different set of features. Some of the features that Apple is looking at include USB Type-C connector, multi-3D Touch, a dual-camera configuration, embedding of fingerprint recognition technology in the display and AMOLED display panel.

The alleged features mentioned are reported by other media. UDN reported earlier this year that Apple is moving towards a dual-lens design for the iPhone for optical zoom capability and better low light performance. DigiTimes reported in June that Apple could integrate fingerprint sensors with the the display which will lead to "ultra-thin and ultra-narrow displays" for the iPhone. 

Korean publication ETNews claimed in October that Apple is testing OLED panel samples from Samsung. This is reportedly corroborated by a high-ranking industry executive that Samsung Display had renewed talks with Apple to supply OLED displays for use in future iPhones.

Other rumored features of the iPhone 7 include 3GB of RAM, a waterproofing design, and an ultra-slim design which is achieved by replacing the 3.5mm headphone jack with a Lightning port.

Source: G for Games