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Leaked press released hints at Nikon’s new program

By Azizul Rahman Ismail - on 9 Jan 2015, 10:47am

Leaked press released hints at Nikon’s new program


Image source: PetaPixel

“I AM Advancing.” That’s the crux of a leaked press release by Nikon that was scheduled to be published on 19 January. It is a program that lets photographers download advanced firmware updates and add new functionality to their cameras

The program is starting with support for 6 FX DSLR cameras (D750, D810, D800, D800E, D610 and D600) and will be free to join.

According to NIkon the initial list of firmware update improvements will include new white balance update, new “metallic picture control options, new RAW histogram, and two new features to the D810 which are “Flat” picture control and electronic first-curtain shutter.

In the press release Nikon also announced the “I AM Advancing” Update Manager software, available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. The new software replaces Nikon’s individual firmware upgrade programs with a single new software program. The program is free to download, and features automatic camera detection, firmware download and management of camera updates.

Source: PetaPixel