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KPJ Healthcare adopts IBM Watson for its Oncology efforts

By Nickey Ross - on 27 Nov 2017, 6:43pm

KPJ Healthcare adopts IBM Watson for its Oncology efforts

Today, KPJ Healthcare Berhad announced that it will adopt Watson for Oncology trained by Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK), which is a cognitive computing platform that will aid doctors by providing evidence-based cancer treatment options. Watson for Oncology gets its information from more than 300 medical journals, more than 200 text books as well as almost 15 million pages of text to offer information on various treatment alternatives.

Additionally, the A.I. platform summarizes key attributes of a patient such as symptoms. Oncologists may tap into IBM's servers to see how to diagnose patients as well. KPJ will be implementing Watson for Oncology into five of its specialist hospitals like KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital (KPJ Damansara), KPJ Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital (KPJ Ampang Puteri), KPJ Johor Specialist Hospital (KPJ Johor), KPJ Ipoh Specialist Hospital (KPJ Ipoh) and KPJ Sabah Specialist Hospital (KPJ Sabah).

As of now, the technology can be used to help oncologists in developing treatments for lung, cervical, ovarian, prostate, bladder, gastric, colorectal and breast cancers. While the A.I. provides assistance to doctors, the final decision on the kind of treatments rests in the doctors hands.

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