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Kingston unveils their new DC400 entry-level SSD for data centers

By John Law - on 9 Sep 2016, 1:00pm

Kingston unveils their new DC400 entry-level SSD for data centers

Kingston recently launched their new DC400 SSD, and entry-level SSD that’s designed specifically for use in data centers and other enterprise solutions.

“Kingston is proud to offer our next generation entry-level enterprise SATA SSD to our data center and corporate customers looking for consistent application performance, stringent quality of service requirements and all-around reliability,” Nathan Su, Flash Memory Sales Director, APAC Region, Kingston said. “The DC400 SSD’s combination of high IOPS, low latency and advanced data protection gives server IT managers and decision makers the perfect front-loading server storage option that they can deploy with confidence.”

The DC400 is available in storage options of 400GB, 480GB, 800GB, 960GB, 1.6TB, and 1.8TB.

The sequential read and write speeds for each model is as follows:

Sequential Read/Write:

400GB – up to 555/535MB/s
480GB – up to 555/535MB/s
800GB – up to 555/530MB/s
960GB – up to 555/520MB/s
1.6TB – up to 555/510MB/s
1.8TB – up to 555/500MB/s

Maximum Random 4k Read/Write:

400GB – up to 99,000/90,000 IOPS
480GB – up to 99,000/90,000 IOPS
800GB – up to 99,000/89,000 IOPS
960GB – up to 99,000/88,000 IOPS
1.6TB – up to 100,000/88,000 IOPS
1.8TB – up to 99,000/86,000 IOPS

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