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JOOX music streaming service launched in Malaysia
By Peter Chu - on 26 Jun 2015, 4:16pm

JOOX music streaming service launched in Malaysia

From L-R: Katie Lee, Assistant General Manager of Global Communication Group and Angie Tan, Business Development Director of WeChat Malaysia during the Malaysian launch of JOOX.

If you weren’t already spoilt for choice by the abundance of music streaming services available today, here’s another one for you to wrap your mind around – JOOX.

We wouldn’t be too quick to discount the newcomer though, as JOOX is already gaining significant traction here in Malaysia. It’s currently the top free app on the Malaysian Apple App Store, and is currently trending on Google Play.

The user interface of JOOX looks uncannily similar to that of Spotify's, which, if you’re being optimistic, isn’t exactly a bad thing. And that’s because if you’re familiar with how the Spotify mobile app works, chances are you’ll be able to navigate your way through the JOOX app right from the get-go – no learning curve required.

Open up the JOOX app and you’ll be greeted by the ‘Discover’ landing page, where you’ll find a selection of music charts, radio channels, featured artists as well as the editor’s picks. Speaking of which, all the content you see on JOOX, especially the playlists, are specifically curated by Malaysian JOOX staff to cater to the music tastes of local audiences. Of course, it goes without saying that you can also create playlists of your own should you wish to.

Also unique to JOOX is the fact that changing the app’s language will result in the app displaying content belonging to that language. If the language is set to Bahasa Malaysia, as an example, all the songs suggested to you will be of that language

JOOX is available for Android and iOS users at no cost. But should you wish to get the most out from the streaming service, you will need to pay for a VIP subscription – JOOX’s definition of a premium subscription. A monthly subscription will cost you RM14.90, three months, RM 40.90; six months, RM73.90; and a yearly subscription at RM136.90. First-time JOOX users will be given a month-long VIP subscription for free.

Being a VIP subscriber will entitle you to plenty of perks regular freemium users won’t have access to; such as downloading songs for offline listening, high-definition audio streaming, as well as ad-free music streaming.

Freemium users will also only be able to skip a maximum of six songs per hour, and won’t have complete, unrestricted access to JOOX comprehensive music library. Want to listen to Taylor Swift? You’ll need to be a VIP subscriber to do so.

But unlike Spotify, JOOX doesn’t have a desktop client for the time being, but it is currently in development, along with a tailor-made app for the larger tablet displays. What there is, though, is a web client that is accessible via your web browser. While its interface is very much similar to the one you would find on the JOOX mobile app, Angie Tan, Business Development Director of WeChat Malaysia, said that the best way to enjoy JOOX would be directly through the mobile app itself.

As it stands, the JOOX mobile app is only available for Android and iOS devices. Windows Phone users, whether or not a version arrives on the Windows Store depends on whether there’s enough of a demand for it.