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Japan to Broadcast Dedicated 4K Channel in July 2014

By Michael Low & Marcus Wong - on 22 May 2014, 1:57pm

Japan to Broadcast Dedicated 4K Channel in July 2014

Owners of 4K TVs in Japan will soon be able to enjoy ultra-HD viewing when Channel 4K is launched by Japan’s Next Generation Television and Broadcasting Promotion Forum (NexTV-F). Slated as a trial 4K HD channel, broadcasting will start next month and will use Communication Satellite (CS) digital broadcasting to transmit the 4K signals before moving to BS (broadcast satellites) and terrestrial digital at a later date.

No subscription will be required for this service, and a wide range of genres – from sports to music and documentaries – are to be broadcast. The trial aims to help Japan achieve early next-generation broadcasting services, and to promote the advancement of broadcasting services.

Meanwhile, Brazillian TV network Rede Global and Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications are amongst broadcasters who intend to be broadcasting the upcoming World Cup in 4K, so those fortunate enough to receive the broadcast can view every blade of grass in stunning detail – if they also own a 4K TV set.

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