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The Jabra Sport Pulse can now be prescribed by doctors

By Chong Jinn Wei - on 21 Aug 2016, 7:31am

The Jabra Sport Pulse can now be prescribed by doctors

As part of the partnership between Jabra and TrainerMD in the U.S., doctors are now able to prescribe their patients who are battling diabetes, obesity or cancer with Jabra’s Sport Pulse wireless earbuds.

The Jabra Sport Pulse has been adopted by medical practitioners to monitor their patients’ heart rate, calories and oxygen levels while also playing music to help motivate them during workouts. <br> Image Source: Cnet

"This is a game changer for patients and health care providers across the country…Not only can patients now educate themselves, but they're also empowered to take control of their health -- and physicians, trainers and nurses are partners in all of that. With the added support of the Jabra Sport Pulse wireless earbuds, meeting individual health objectives is now as easy as listening to music or making a phone call," said Scott Lutch, MD, FACC, CMO, CSCS, NSCA, Chief Medical Officer at TrainerMD

Under the 360 degree Health Program, the use of Jabra’s earbuds should aid trainers, physicians and nurses to monitor the needs of patients that are facing health issues. Unlike Jabra’s recent wireless Halo Smart, the Sport Pulse come with integrated monitors for Vo2 max level, heart rate, pace and calories during patient workouts. The subsequent data will be sent to relevant medical personal via notifications.

In addition, the new Sport Pulse will keep a history of your workouts will update the pace and distance when it is synchronized with your smartphone’s Global Positioning System (GPS). Besides that the Sport Pulse also can tap into your music library to play songs to motivate you during workouts.

TrainerMD is a Health insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) compliant software platform that helps doctors monitor their patients’ nutrition and fitness in real time.

Source: Cnet