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Jabra Elite Sport launches in Malaysia for RM1,259

By Peter Chu - on 8 Jun 2017, 9:45am

Jabra Elite Sport launches in Malaysia for RM1,259

From L-R: Linora Low, Radio DJ and Fitness Personality together with KC Yap, Country Manager, Jabra Malaysia, during the launch of the Jabra Elite Sport earlier today.

The observant amongst you would probably notice that the majority of wireless Bluetooth earphones out there aren’t actually wireless, as they tend to have a short cable connecting one earbud to the other.

Setting itself apart from the rest is the Jabra Elite Sport, which are literally just two wireless earbuds – no cables. Embedded within each of the two earbuds are a pair of microphones designed to pick up your voice and ambient noise. Why ambient noise? Because the Elite Sport needs it in order to work its active noise-cancelling magic.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be completely oblivious to your surroundings, however, as double-tapping the right earbud of the Elite Sport will activate its HearThrough technology, allowing you to hear the ambient sounds that are picked up by its built-in microphones.

Interestingly, you’re able to use earbuds of the Elite Sport independently, meaning you can use its right earbud alone to engage in calls and listen to your favorite songs in mono audio. If you’re more of a stereo person, you can automatically link the right earbud with the left earbud by simply placing them within a distance of 25cm.

The earbuds of the Elite Sport have an IP67 rating and has been tested to survive being submerged at depths of up to one meter for 30 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about bringing them out for a jog in the pouring rain.

Speaking of jogging, the Elite Sport also offers in-ear audio coaching and comes replete with its own in-ear heart rate monitor. It will even provide you with a comprehensive fitness analysis, which you can study on the Jabra Sport Life companion app on your Android or iOS device.

Although the Elite Sport has a relatively short three hour battery life, it does somewhat make up for it with a portable charging case that can provide two additional charges – effectively giving you a maximum battery life of nine hours. You don’t have to sit all day waiting for it to fully recharge, however, as a short 15 minute charge will be enough for the Elite Sport to serenade you with an hour’s worth of music.

The Jabra Elite Sport and its accompanying charging case.

The Jabra Elite Sport retails for RM1,259 and can be purchased from selected Jabra retailers and resellers, including Lazada, All IT Hypermarket, Viewnet Computer System, Thunder Match Technology, Mobile Arena, NOP Cellular, HLK Superstore.

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