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The iSkin is an input device you can wear on your skin

By Ian Chee - on 12 Aug 2015, 11:51am

The iSkin is an input device you can wear on your skin

Apple’s Force Touch tech is impressive and all, but as far as touch-input is concerned, there is something more impressive than that - a wearable that you wear on your skin.

Image source: Reuters.

Called the iSkin, this is not an Apple product, but a biocompatible silicone rubber with pressure sensitive sensors made by scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Informatics and Saarland University, Germany. It’s basically a touchpad that you stick onto your skin to control a computer or mobile phone as you would the touchpads and touchscreens on the devices themselves. The difference is that the iSkin can still be used perfectly fine while stretched or bent, unlike the harder hardware attached to said devices.

Being silicone means it’s flexible, and that allows you to stick them on any piece on skin of your body, using a medical-grade adhesive that minimizes pain when attached or removed. They can also be eye-catching if you want them to be, as the designs are computer-generated, and the final thing is laser cut to follow the sensor portions.


The iSkin is the adaptation of research initially meant for robotic use. It’s still in the early stages; you'll need to be plugged to a computer for it to be powered, but the developers say that future iterations will be wireless and powered on energy emanating from the human body. iSkin indeed.

Source: Reuters via Quartz.