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iPhone X is one of TIME Magazine's 25 best inventions of the year

By Michael Low & Cookie Monster - on 18 Nov 2017, 6:00pm

iPhone X is one of TIME Magazine's 25 best inventions of the year

TIME Magazine recently published its annual unordered list of 25 best inventions, and the iPhone X is one of them. 

Editors of TIME Magazine praised the iPhone X as "the world's most sophisticated smartphone", and justified its ranking in the list by stating that it has "a screen that stretches from edge to edge, a processor optimized for augmented reality and a camera smart enough to allow users to unlock the phone with their face". However, the editorial team noted that some of these features were introduced on other devices from Samsung and LG. 

Some of the points highlighted above can be supported by other leading publications. For example, DisplayMate gave the Super Retina Display of the iPhone X its highest ever grade (A+) as it is tested to be "the most innovative and high performance smartphone display". DxOMark also awarded the iPhone X as having the best camera for still photography.

Other tech gadgets and products that made it to the TIME Magazine's list include the Tesla Model 3, Nest Secure, Oculus Go, the DJI Spark, Norton Core, and Nintendo Switch.

Source: TIME Magazine via AppleInsider.