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iOttie unveils three cloth-wrapped wireless chargers at CES 2018

By Cookie Monster - on 12 Jan 2018, 12:00am

iOttie unveils three cloth-wrapped wireless chargers at CES 2018

While the designs of most wireless chargers look similar and are uninspiring, iOttie’s latest range of iON wireless chargers is a breath of fresh air. The three new wireless chargers come in five stylish fabric finishes which you can choose to complement your home or office decoration. 

iOttie's Wireless Fast Charging Pad.

The first of the trio is the Wireless Charging Pad. The Qi-enabled wireless charger has anti-slip silicone pads to provide some grip on smooth furniture surfaces. The internal structure of the charger is designed to reduce heat and prevent damage to smartphones. A power adapter is included alongside the wireless charger. 

iOttie's Wireless Fast Charging Stand.

The second member of the new iON series is the Wireless Charging Stand, which has a 65-degree tilt to view content or notifications while charging the device at the same time.

It has two coils to support wireless charging in portrait or landscape mode. The plastic base is also built for balance and is made of an anti-slip material for extra traction on smooth furniture surfaces.

iOttie's Wireless Mini Fast Charging Pad.

The third member is the Wireless Mini Fast Charging Pad, which is just a compact version of the Wireless Charging Pad without the extra USB-Type A port. 

All three wireless chargers will be available later this quarter. Pricing info is not available at time of publication.

Source: BusinessWire