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Day 3 of The International 2019 saw a TI8 rematch

By Tim Augustin - on 23 Aug 2019, 7:00pm

Day 3 of The International 2019 saw a T18 rematch

Day 3 of The International 2019 is over, with no small amount of surprises and dramatic upsets. 

The intense Dota 2 tournament is inching closer to its grand finals, along with the Grand Champion prize pool of over US$15 million. As such, the matches are getting more and more intense!

Match 1: Newbee Vs Infamous Gaming

Day 3’s matches saw 2 teams getting eliminated, the first one of which happened at the end of the first match of the day. This was Newbee against Infamous Gaming. Infamous gaming won the best two out of three here, claiming the win. Newbee was sent home packing unfortunately, eliminated from the competition. 

Despite leaving the competition early, Newbee will still be taking home a very cool US$670,000!

Match 2: Team Secret Vs Mineski


The second match of the day was Team Secret vs Mineski. This was a really intense match, with both teams teetering on the edge of winning and losing throughout the three matches. Team Secret won the first match, which seemed to boost their confidence for match 2. However, they lost that one to Mineski in the end, making it anyone’s game.

Team Secret didn’t take their loss sitting down, and instead fought tooth and nail for a victory in the third match, winning them the game. Mineski was unfortunately eliminated from the competition, this being their last chance to make it into the Top 8

Match 3: PSG.LGD Vs Vici Gaming

PSG.LGD and Vici Gaming are two of China’s most successful teams thus far in the competition, making this a pretty interesting game. PSG.LGD ended up steamrolling Vici here, winning two matches and securing a victory. We didn’t even get a third match!

Fortunately, Vici still has a chance. They’ve been knocked down to the lower bracket, and will go through at least one more fight.

Match 4: OG Vs Evil Geniuses

The final game of the day was certainly one worth watching. This was a rematch between OG and Evil Geniuses, as they previously battled in last year’s iteration of The International. Last year, OG won the day, but how did they fare this year? Well...about the same, actually. 

OG has made it to the end of the upper bracket, with just two more fights left for them in the competition if all goes well. Check out the full results of Day 3 below:

Day 4 isn’t going to be any less exciting at this point, as it’s another day packed full of matches. RNG is going up against Team Liquid, Infamous Gaming will battle Team Secret and Evil Geniuses will meet Team Liquid after that. Let’s hope Team Liquid has enough left in the tank for two games in one day!

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