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Instant Articles rolled out to Facebook iOS app

By Peter Chu - on 21 Oct 2015, 10:38am

Instant Articles rolled out to Facebook iOS app

First introduced back in May to a select number of iPhone users, it looks like Facebook’s quick-loading ‘Instant Articles’ feature is now ready for primetime, as it’s currently being rolled out to all iOS users.

According to Facebook, Instant Articles are able to load 10 times faster than they would on a mobile web browser. But apart from the considerable speed boost, Instant Articles also allows publishers to make their content more interactive and engaging through the use of dynamic features, such as 3D maps and photos, that will react to the tilt of your phone, as an example.

The lightning bolt on the top right-hand corner of an article will indicate that it's an Instant Article.

At which point we should probably mention that not all of the shared articles you’ll find on your News Feed are Instant Articles, as publishers are required to sign up with Facebook and have their content hosted on their servers before they can be disseminated as Instant Articles.

The current list of publications that support Instant Articles.

Several major publications who have already partnered with Facebook to have their content converted into Instant Articles, such as The New York Times, National Geographic, The Washington Post, Vox Media, The Huffington Post, The Atlantic, BuzzFeed, and many others.

Over the next few weeks, you can expect to be bombarded by Instant Articles courtesy of Billboard, Billy Penn, The Blaze, Bleacher Report, Breitbart, Brit + Co, Business Insider, Bustle, CBS News, CBS Sports, CNET, Complex, Country Living, Cracked, Daily Dot, E! News, Elite Daily, Entertainment Weekly, Gannett, Good Housekeeping, Fox Sports, Harper’s Bazaar, Hollywood Life, Hollywood Reporter, IJ Review, Little Things, Mashable, Mental Floss, mindbodygreen, MLB, MoviePilot, NBA, NY Post, The Onion, Opposing Views, People, Pop Sugar, Rare, Refinery 29, Rolling Stone, Seventeen, TIME, Uproxx, US Magazine, USA Today, Variety, The Verge, and The Weather Channel.

Android users, the wonders of Instant Articles will only be available to you towards the end of this year. The good news is, if you can’t wait that long, you can always choose to opt in to its public beta that will launch later this week.

Source: Facebook via The Verge.