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Instagram will now populate your feed with ‘Recommended’ posts
By Peter Chu - on 29 Dec 2017, 5:19pm

Instagram will now populate your feed with ‘Recommended’ posts

Instagram has been making quite a number of bad decisions as of late. Last year, the company decided to make the controversial decision of switching the chronological order of its feed to an algorithmic one, and add fuel to the flame by bombarding the feed of its users with a flood of sponsored posts.

Don’t go thinking that things can’t get any worse, though, because it already has: Instagram today announced that it will be adding posts that are ‘Recommended for You’ into your feed, making it more confusing than ever before.

These recommended posts are selected “based on posts that are liked by accounts you follow”, which, in other words, simply means that Instagram has essentially incorporated its ‘Explore’ page into your regular feed.

“So what?” you might ask.

Well, instead of only seeing posts from people that you follow, you will also be seeing posts from completely random strangers who Instagram thinks you would be interested in. What’s the point of the ‘Explore’ page, then?

If it’s any consolation, Instagram has added an option for users to hide ‘Recommended for You’ posts, albeit only temporary. There’s no way to be spared from them completely. Also, the recommended posts will only appear after you’ve viewed all the posts from the people you’ve followed, according to an Instagram spokesperson in a comment to TechCrunch.

That sounds fine and dandy, but how will you actually know that you’ve seen all your friends’ posts, when Instagram has ditched its decidedly more organized chronological feed with a convoluted algorithmic one?

Source: TechCrunch