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Instagram will now have 30-second video ads

By Ammar Aminuddin - on 10 Sep 2015, 12:30pm

Instagram will now have 30-second video ads

Image Source: Marketing Land.

Instagram seems ready to boost up its ad revenue by allowing businesses to make 30-second video ads. This is in addition to allowing users to post landscape photos and videos, following Instagram's recent update of the square format restriction.

Here's how 30-second video ads will look like on Instagram. Image Source: Instagram,

In addition, the company is also extending their service to over 30 countries, including Italy, Spain, South Korea, Mexico and India. They also announced that more countries will be added on September 30. If you own a small to medium-sized business, you may want to look at this platform as another means of advertising. This is because Instagram is also offering “delivery and optimization tools to reach users on its own service as well as Facebook, and a new premium product called Marquee that will help drive mass awareness and expanded reach in a short time-frame—perfect for events like movie premieres and new product launches.”

Source: Instagram via Android Headlines.