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Infinitium partners Raonsecure for digital payment with biometric authentication
By Chong Jinn Wei - on 3 Sep 2017, 11:00am

Infinitium partners Raonsecure for digital payment with biometric authentication

Image source: Infinitium, Raonsecure.

Infinitium recently announced its partnership with Raonsecure to develop a standardized use of biometrics authentication in digital payments.

“Our collaboration will allow us to improve technology solutions such as Infinitium’s two-factor authentication (2FA) product with Raonsecure’s biometric platform to enhance security and protect the financial information and identity of consumers... This is expected to propel the adoption of biometrics within our home country Malaysia and the regional markets, and further deepen Infinitium’s already established market footprint of more than 40 banks and over 180 million cardholder base within Asia,” said Ho Ching Wee, Chief Executive Officer, Infinitium.

By having access to Raonsecure’s FIDO biometric authentication system, Infinitium is able to study and develop a payment methodology that can enhance the security of digital payments across their 2FA products.

“As the leading provider of FIDO-based biometric solution in Korea, we are pleased that this alliance has forged important collaboration of best practices that enables Raonsecure to expand our regional market reach. The purpose of FIDO-based biometric authentication is to increase the level of security for both the relying organization as well as the end-user, with an added benefit of providing consumers with greater convenience and user experience,” said Lee Soon-hyung, Chief Executive Officer, Raonsecure.

With the increased popularity of mobile and digital payments, the need for a more secure authentication system becomes more important for financial services and banks. A biometric system may be the way forward. As it becomes more readily available, it can improve the security and authentication system of digital payments, preventing problems like fraudulent acts and identity thievery.

Infinitium is a regional payments solution provider that specializes in end-to-end electronic payment and authentication solutions. Raonsecure is one of Korea’s leading ICT companies that specializes in mobile and PC security solutions.

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