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iflix introduces new personalization features

By Nickey Ross - on 18 Aug 2017, 11:42am

iflix introduces new personalization features

Image source: iflix.

iflix has upgraded its service, announcing new features rooted in providing personalization to its users. The features, called Channels, ADD and FOLLOW, are aimed at offering personalized viewing experiences, as well as ways to discover new content. 

With the Channels feature, iflix has developed on-demand channels, curating content from leading entertainment studios and brands worldwide. Viewers' favorite genres can also be browsed, thanks to a simplified channel interface, available on a non-linear digital service for the first time. Viewers are able to ADD movies, TV series, as well as Channels to their iflix homescreen, alongside recommendations based on their viewing history.

iflix's FOLLOW feature allows influencer and celebrity-curated playlists to be accessed and followed, allowing viewers to keep tabs on what their 'People' are watching, consequently exposing viewers to new video content.

The introduction of these features are based on algorithms that take local cultural nuances across each market into consideration, and was tested meticulously over six months. Mark Britt, Co-Founder and Group CEO of iflix, said the revamp is blurring the boundaries between regular pay TV and video on-demand. 

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