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HWM PlayTest 2016 Day 1: VR fun for everyone

By John Law - on 16 May 2016, 5:47pm

HWM PlayTest 2016 Day 1: VR fun for everyone

Come test out our VR demos at our booth, located at the concourse of Plaza Low Yat.

We’ve officially kicked off our PlayTest event, which will be held at the concourse of Plaza Low Yat. Starting from today, the PlayTest event will run for a period of one week, until May 22, 2016, and we’re giving you all a chance to come by our booth and experience Virtual Reality (VR) through our Oculus VR headset.

Our booth is situated right in middle, between Canon and SanDisk.

The VR headset, which is powered through a rig courtesy of MSI, will be situated directly in the middle of the event venue, just across the stage. You’ll be able to experience the multiple VR demos that we’ve got setup, such as the Unreal VR demo, Lost, and even Invasion, a cute VR story about two aliens who try to abduct a white rabbit.

The Oculus Rift DK2 headset was provided to us by MSI Malaysia. Many thanks, MSI.

The MSI rig that running our VR demos at our PlayTest event.


Besides the VR booth, you also stand a chance to win some exciting prizes from our sponsors. Our sponsors include Canon, HP, InMotion, SanDisk, Plantronics, Fitbit, and Kingston.

Here's a shoutout to one of our sponsors, Canon. you can pick out some pretty good deals on their cameras (pictured below) during PlayTest.

HP is also one of our sponsors, and you stand to win some great prizes from them with every purchase of their notebooks.

HP's Envy 13 notebook.

Fitbit will also be present at our PlayTest event, with deals and information surrounding their fitness trackers.

Kingston HyperX will also be present for the duration of PlayTest.

Looking to get a great pair of headphones? Then you can't go wrong with Plantronics, who's also got a booth set up at our event.

SanDisk's booth will guide to the nearest authorized retailer that sells their brand in Plaza Low Yat.

Last but not least, personal transportation firm INMOTION is also present at our event, and you'll be able to play around with their unicycles (pictured below) and segways.

So then, what are you waiting for? Drop on by to our booth and try your hand out on the VR headset, and even stand a chance some great prizes or get some great bargains from either one of our sponsors.

For a recap of what our PlayTest event is all about, check out this link here.