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HWM Malaysia Previews the Sony BRAVIA 55W954A and TRILUMINOS Technology

By Bryan Chan - on 10 Apr 2013, 6:26pm

HWM Malaysia Previews the Sony 55W954A and TRILUMINOS Technology

The new BRAVIA W-Series features a new user interface

Earlier today, Sony Malaysia invited us to preview the soon-to-be-launched BRAVIA 55W954A. Marketed as Sony’s flagship BRAVIA Internet TV, the 55W954A boasts several great features. Being part of Sony’s 2013 BRAVIA Internet TV range (W-Series), the 55W954A is equipped with TRILUMINOS Display LED backlighting, Motionflow XR, NFC support, and Active 3D technology.

Of these features, the TRILUMINOS technology is the most interesting. Without getting too technical, TRILUMINOS is the use of nanocrystals to emit highly accurate colors. This results in the TV being able to reproduce incredibly accurate colors. We’ve seen the demo footage on the TV and must admit we're impressed, but we can’t say for sure until a unit is available for review.

The screen-mirroring capability of the 55W954A being demonstrated

During the preview event, we were also shown the screen-mirroring capabilities of the 55W954A. A Sony Xperia Z was paired with the TV via the bundled NFC remote controller, and just like that, everything that was shown on the Xperia Z was mirrored on the TV. All W-series TVs have the screen-mirroring capability, though depending on the model, pairing is done either via Wi-Fi or NFC.

Here are the 12 W-Series models and their suggested pricing:

Model SRP (RM)
32W674 1,699
42W654 2,299
42W674 2,399
46W704 3,499
50W704 4,499
42W804 3,499
47W804 4,699
55W804 6,999
46W904 6,999
55W904 9,999
46W954 8,999
55W954 12,999

Models bearing the W674 till the W804 designation will be available sometime in April, while the W904 series will only be available in May 2013.

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