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HP Launches New Network Infrastructure Optimization Services

By Chong Jinn Wei - on 15 May 2012, 3:34pm

HP Launches New Network Infrastructure Optimization Services

HP has released its new Network Infrastructure Optimization Services, which can help customers evaluate and improve the flow of their network and infrastructure. The Network Infrastructure Optimization Services will identify and eliminate any inefficiencies, while optimizing the infrastructure to make applications run faster.

“With a dispersed workforce and growing connectivity demands, enterprises can no longer revert to traditional singular quick fixes, such as adding bandwidth, to address network issues...HP’s new services pinpoint inefficiencies that can be removed for a greater end-user experience,” said Kok Ee Mann, Director, Technology Consulting, Technology Services, HP Malaysia.

The HP Network Infrastructure Optimization Assessment lets companies work with HP consultants who analyze traffic across network topology to identify application delays, jitter and bandwidth issues. This comprehensive assessment pinpoints inefficiencies, enabling clients to address potential performance problems at the source and create a strategy for optimizing resources. In addition, HP works with clients to align business and IT needs and identify the right solution for them.

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